Would it be possible to add a hot key for the Stop action?


Is it possible to add a micro/hot key for the Stop action? I searched Edit → Preferences → Keyboard, but don’t see Stop in the list.

It would be helpful/easier if we could use hot key to Stop playing a track.

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To stop playback or recording, press “Space”.

The “p” key will pause either recording or playback.


Wow, I miss this one. Thank you. Is there a place where we can find these useful definitions?


Have a look at: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/keyboard_shortcut_reference.html

Note carefully that there are two sets of shortcuts:
a) the default standard set,
b) the full set.
The full set contains all the ones that are in the standard set but adds a lot more.

One other useful one you may like is “X(as in “X marks the spot”) - this stops Play (or Record) and sets the cursor to the current play/record position - more useful for Play than Record.


Thank you for the information. Those shutcuts are very helpful and save time.