Workflow for simple editing

May I ask about people’s workflow for simple edit jobs which may need undoing or showing to others the edits made?

Imagine the (simplified) scenario where the client has asked for just two edits from a single 5 minute recording…
“Please cut from 1mins 07secs to 2mins 21secs and from 3mins 15secs to 4mins 02secs” he says.

So I make the first edit, but then of course I lose the original time reference for the second edit, and have to work out that it was around 44 seconds after the first one.

So… Is there any way to label particular time selections in a clip that stay locked to the original times in the full clip?

Or do people make Splits in the audio at the approximate edit points (I can see this being problematic as the edits wont end up at exactly the times specified, so I’d need to “heal” the splits and then remake them).

Or what else do people do?

What I’d really like is an edited clip where the edit in / out points are visible and show the original times before editing, if that makes sense, which I could then show to the client; but I’m open to any insights on how others do this seemingly simple task.

Another way of describing it is… Say I added a label track showing a region within a clip. If I then cut a chunk out of that region, I’d like to see the label region shrink to follow the cut.

Unless you have snapping activated,
you can make splits with better than millisecond accuracy.

Thanks for the reply, but that wasn’t what I was referring to… I just meant that the edits would not end up being at the exact mins/secs positions the client had suggested

In that exact instance, you could do the edits backwards.

I don’t know how it’s done now. In the middle ages, we had SMPTE Timecode which was an audio channel that carried time on its own track.

Do you remember seeing flashing numbers at the bottom of a video clip or sample? Changes were terrific that was a timecode reader burning the sound channel time into the video for editing.

That was taken from the sound channel of an actual broadcast videotape machine.


I suspect it’s much more normal to have a producer tell you to take a sentence out of the show rather than tell you surgical times.


That’s exactly what I have been doing :slightly_smiling_face:.

I used to have the pleasure of razor-blade editing on timecoded 1/4" audio tape, that was a real bonus!

In this case, it’s a dancer/choreographer who just sends me the original music track and a list of edits that she’d like, all by referring to the original counter times,

What I would do is to

  1. Select each region (both regions) to be edited and label them with a range label Ctrl+B shortcut
  2. turn on sync-locking - use Tracks > Sync-Lock Tracks
  3. select each region in turn (click on the horizontal bar in the label field)
  4. Delete

As an optional extra you may want to turn on Retain Labels if selection snaps to label in Interface preferences - this will leave you a label at your cut point (where you may have to repair a discontinuity).


Thank you Peter, that’s an excellent method, I hadn’t considered using sync lock with a label track. :+1::+1:

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