Won't record- red triangle

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This is the second day I’m wasting on this issue–at three and a half hours now on it. Red Triangles. No movement on the second track. Using Audio Technica 2020 and Focusrite Scarlett. I’m getting Error opening recording device -9999 . Invalid Sample Rate. Audacity is at 44100. This is extremely frustrating, and it’s not one of the few times I’ve had such problems with Audacity.

Ah, the dastardly, hated Red Triangle! I know them well. Can’t record any more. Frustrating as can be. The only solution (repeat, the ONLY solution) I have found is to reboot my computer. Sad, eh? but after that Audacity seems to wake up and act normally and will record. I am on a PC windows 10.

Now it moves, but there’s zero intake of sound.

Audio Technica 2020 requires 48Volt phantom power.
If the 48V button on the Focusrite Scarlett is off, you’ll get zero output.

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