Wondering what *.aup3-shm & *.aup3-wal files are for. Do I need them?

I don’t remember seeing them before & am wondering if I need to copy them along with the main file if I move them to another folder or another computer, etc.

You absolutely need them when you project is open - they are temporary files for the project, Audacity deletes them when you close the project.

They are blocked from deletion while the project is open.


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If you’re interested in the technical details, they’re the Write-Ahead-Log (WAL) and a SHared Memory (shm) which indexes the WAL. This page has more information: WAL-mode File Format

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Thank you very much.

I could have sworn that they were still showing after I closed the project in the past, but perhaps not. Maybe that’s what Audacity is doing when I close it & a pop up says “compressing files”.

In any event, that lets me ignore them if I do see them & not worry about transferring them to another folder or another computer.

Thanks again!

Thank you for taking the time to help!

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