Windows project open on an apple computer

This is probably a moronic question, but I have created a music project on my pc (Windows 10). I am sending it to friend to do vocals on it, but he has an Apple computer. Can the project be opened going from pc to Apple? Thank you

If the work so far is on a single track, I would Export a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file and send that in addition to a Project.

This is an Audacity Project.

Dump both of those into a ZIP archive and send the ZIP file. They can open the ZIP and should be able to double click the AUP file and the project or show should open. If it doesn’t, use the WAV file.

They should send you only their segment of the show. Not the whole thing. It’s up to you to layer everything together into the final song.

It’s useful to send a lead-in ahead of the first note. Metronome or rhythm track. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Music.

DO NOT USE MP3 for any of this. MP3 files have timing, delay, and distortion issues.

It’s almost certain this isn’t going to fit in email, so you will need to have a file transfer service such as Drop Box.


There’s a number of tricks to this. The far side will have your backing track plus their vocal. They send you the vocal. You send them either the next track in the series or a mix of everything so far. They add another vocal, and ship that new vocal only, etc.

You could ship Projects back and forth with all the individual tracks laid out, but I think that might be super annoying with either side having a good chance to louse it up.

Both of you Export individual raw tracks in backup media against the time one of the computer throws up blood.

“John? My computer quit. I still have Backing, Two, Four, and Six on a thumb drive. Do you have the others?”


Thank you Koz for your replies, and awesome suggestions. So I windows to apple, apple to windows… No problem on either side in converting?

No problem on either side in converting?

Why don’t you send a short test and see? I don’t want to be “That Guy On The Forum Who Said This Was Going To Work.”

If you can’t send a short test, then all the alarm bells sound at once.


I just tested porting an AUP project from W10 to macOS 10.15.6 Catalina and it worked fine\

Tested going from Mac to Windows and that worked fine too.

And I know it works for the new consolidated unitary project AUP3 format for the upcoming 3.0.0 as I QA tested that last week

And just now I tested opening a 2.4.2 Windows AUP project on Mac with the latest alpha for 3.0.0 - and that worked fine too, converting the AUP to AUP3 format.


Awesome to know, and thank you guys for the wisdom/help. I will test as well, but thank you guys again for all of the help.