Will not record from Yamaha mixer [CLOSED]

I have a Yamaha MG10 UX mixer. I have it plugged into windows 7 through USB. Everything is working but Audacity will not record from the signal. The green lights indicate the sound is getting in but when you push record a blue flat line. I have down loaded all recent drivers from Yamaha. I have tested the microphone and I have check windows sound for the Yamaha device. No matter what I do it no recording happens.

Did you notice in Windows Control Panels whether the little sound meter bounced when you talked into the microphone?

Does the Yamaha sound meter just below the logo bounce when you speak and can you plug headphones into the mixer and hear yourself?

It’s possible to get an almost straight blue wave in Audacity if the mixer sound is really quiet. Is the mixer selected in the Device Toolbar?



The little sound meter lights are bouncing (green). Yes I can hear though the headphones on the mixer. Everything is working . but audacity will not record. A flat blue line. it does show the mixer in the deices. In windows sound it shows the mixer also.

Yes the lights follow the sound in both cases . I can hear the head phones fine. it’s like the volume was set to 0. the mixer is selected in the tool bar. Audacity sees the mixer. the green lights in audacity’s tool bar flicker in line with the volume when you talk. The headphones work fine. the record button locks when you click it as though it is recording but it does not get a signal or the volume is somehow 0

Where do the Audacity sound meters flicker? They are supposed to go all the way up to the yellow zone on a good volume recording.

If the flickering never gets above about -30, that’s not loud enough and it will not appear on the blue waves.

Where are the flashing lights on the mixer? Each light is numbered.


The meters in Audacity go to about 18 and the meters on the yamaha board go to 6 or so and do turn yellow on the tips at high points while talking. The volume control in the audacity tool bar is gray and when you try to use it you get a message “unavailable, use system mixer” I have checked separate volume control in windows sound set up and have a volume control for the mixer now but it was already at 100%.
It starts to move the blue line a little if I turn the volume on the mixer all the way up.

Which Audacity have you got. Help > About? The exact numbers. It’s different on mine.

What is the make and model number of the mic and where are you connecting it to on the mixer?

Does the mixer come with any special drivers that you need to install?


I just down loaded audacity and it is the most recent . I also down loaded the most recent drivers from Yamaha. One was a ysb driver but it did not make any difference.

As we asked, what version of Audacity? See the pink panel at the top of the page.

What is the make and model number of the mic and where are you connecting it to on the mixer?

Is the mixer actually MG10-UX or MG10-XU? If the latter, it seems this is the only driver you want: http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/products/mixers/mg_xu/support/driver/.


The Audacity version numbers are important. They’re a measure of authenticity, not just time.

I appreciate the responses but nothing has helped, yet. I can’t locate a pink panel at the top of the page but on the tool bar under the help/about, it states, Audacity is version 2.1.
I have already downloaded the Steinberg driver from the Yamaha site and it made 0 difference.
I have tried using a Fast track duo small mixer with the computer and Audacity and it works fine.
I have hooked the Yamaha to another computer running windows seven and installed the updated driver but it won’t work with that computer, either.
I have tried switching the sound setting within windows in every way I could find. I have recently discovered that if you put the mixer on full volume the flat line in audacity begins to move, slightly

Please try answering all our questions.

The pink panel is at the top of the page you are looking at now.

If Help > About Audacity… says “2.1” then it’s a bogus version and we can’t help you with it. Please obtain the official 2.1.0 from http://web.audacityteam.org/download/windows.

Is there a reason you won’t say what the mic is and where you are connecting it to on the Yamaha? Does the mic require phantom power or amplification?

Fast Track has preamps and a phantom power switch. Might that be relevant?

What is the exact model number of the Yamaha? Is it really MG10-XU as we are guessing?


Yes it is a Yamaha MG10XU. I only tried the fast track duo to make sure everything else is working. Hopefully Yamaha will call back with an idea, as well

Sorry I forgot to mention that it is Audacity 2.1.0 and I down loaded it from the audacity team site

Yamaha is replacing the mixer, Thank you so much for the help!!

Well guess what, the new Yamaha MG10XU reacts the same way with audacity. Avery weak blue line when recording. You can hear it fine on play back but during recording everything works except the blue line running across the screen. If I put the gain at 100% the line moves a tiny bit. Any other ideas?

My suggestion is that you answer the question which you have been asked numerous times now. What is the make and model number of the mic and where exactly are you connecting it to on the Yamaha mixer?

If you won’t co-operate with us by answering our questions then unfortunately we can’t help you. You could try asking Yamaha instead.


I thought I had answered every question but the mic is a technica ATR2100 and I have also tried My technica AT 2005. They are both XLR and USB, I have them connected through the XLR inputs and the Yamaha MG10XU connected through USB to the Computer. When I attempt to record using Audacity version 2.1.0. Although the recording level lights on both the Yamaha and Audacity flicker as they should, the Blue wave line does not show the recording. After you record and hit play back, the recording plays back at a normal level but the wave lines still do not show the wave. If you put the gain level at 100%, when recording, you begin to see a miniature movement of the blue wave line to a width of about 1/2 an inch

I have talked with Yamaha, They replaced the mixer but I have the same results. I just spent 45 minutes trying different settings with a Yamaha engineer oer the phone. He could not remedy the situation. According to him, the mixer board is producing the proper signal.

OK thanks those are dynamic mics so don’t need phantom power as far as I know.

On what basis does he think that?

Did he have you set the GAIN knob for the channel you have the mic connected to?