Why does "Graphic EQ" remove previous Envelope edit?


I’m using Windows version 2.3.3.

Here is what I did:

(1) use Envelope tool to edit a section of a track, and get this:
(2) then use “Graphic EQ” to apply -9.9dB at 10KHz (or whatever) to the same section of the track. After apply Graphic EQ edit, the previous Envelope edit gets removed:
Can someone please tell me why Graphic EQ edit removes previous Envelope edit, and how to avoid it?

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It’s a bug, and it is already recorded on the Audacity bug tracker.
One possible workaround is to “apply” the envelope (using “Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render”) before applying EQ. The downside is that it makes the envelope permanent rather than editable.

Thank you for your confirmation and information. I prefer keeping Envelope editable if possible as we may need to re-edit it again later. Is there any plan to fix it in next release?

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I changed this from a ENH enhancement to an actual bug in the bugtracker and upgraded it to P3, adding a Release Note and a Workaround:


Thank you for the information.

The workaround (i.e. “apply” the envelope using “Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render” before applying EQ) works. It lets EQ be applied without removing existing Envelope.

However I notice another issue after using the above mentioned workaround. Please see screenshots and questions below.

(1) This is the section before I use the workaround on the track (i.e. before running “Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render”):
(2) This is the same section after I use the workaround:
Two questions:
Q1: why does this workaround amplify track so much, so clippings (red lines) are added? This will reduce sound quality and add some noise, right?
Q2: In order to minimize such impact (i.e. amplify track and add clippings). Would it be possible to apply this workaround to only the section where I need to apply EQ on top of existing Envelope? So the rest sections of the track won’t be changed by the workaround. I guess the answer is “No” as the workaround “Tracks > Mix…” is for the track, but just to confirm it with you.

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