Why does Audacity go to new track when paused? [SOLVED]

Win 7 64 bit. Audacity 2.1.1

When I record two pieces from the net I have to pause Audacity at the end of the first to ready the second. When started again instead of continuing from where it paused it goes to a new track. To put them together as one mp3 I have to copy the lower track and paste it where the first part ended. Is there a way to have is start from the same place it paused on the same track?

If you really use Pause and then Pause again when recording this will continue recording on the same track.

If instead you Stop and then press Record again, yes a new track will indeed be created.
You can make it stay recording on the same track after a Stop by using Append Record:
a) hold the Shift key down while pressing the Record button (note that the button icon changes when you hold the Shift key)
b) use the keyboard shortcut Shift + R
c) or use the menu command Transport > Append Record


Sorted, thanks