Who decides if a thread is "solved" and closed?

I posted a question about problems making stereo recordings. ONE of the problems turned out to be defective headphones. After I posted a reply providing that information, someone marked the thread “SOLVED” and closed it to further posts.

MY problem is NOT solved. I still have questions related to that thread. I find this action arrogant. I have never in the dozens and dozens of forums I have followed had a thread closed by a moderator. Some forums allow the OP to close it, but most just leave them open in case there are follow up questions t some point by the OP or by someone else who might have a similar problem.

All of the moderators have the power to close topics when they reach a conclusion.
We very much prefer to have one issue per thread. Due to the technical nature of this forum, it quickly becomes very confusing when there are multiple issues added into one thread.

Your post here looks very much like the topic has reached a satisfactory conclusion https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/stereo-recording-is-only-on-1-track/58949/11
I have reopened the topic at your request.

steve wrote:

I have reopened the topic at your request.