Where'd it go? -Play Region Lock

I just upgraded from v212 to v311. I edit dictation (for future audio book). My most used function was Play Region: Lock/Unlock. I even set up a keyboard shortcut for it. I could select a region, lock it in place while I fiddle with the track and delete badly dictated sections. Then I could easily move onto the next region. It was very convenient for me.

Now I can’t find it anywhere. I attempted to use Loop but that just doesn’t work well for me. It’s a lot of fiddling around with the on/off etc.
The manual indicates that Play Region was moved from the previous Edit menu to the Transport menu. But its not there on my app.
audacity 311.jpg
Can you help solve this for me? Maybe a macro script?

Play region lock has been replaced by the new looping feature. We’re still looking to improve it in future version.

Until then, you can turn on/off looping by pressing L, and you can create and move the looping region by dragging in the timeline (not the waveform). If you can’t become friends with that at all, the latest version that still has a play region lock is 3.0.5

And when looping is “on” you can get a single paly of the loop region with a Shift modified Play.


:astonished: I can see that can be useful, but I’d never have guessed (not at all intuitive to me).

I agree - I only know because I read the Manual when I was doing some editing tasks :wink:


I tried the Loop, but its completely inconvenient to my purpose. You see, when I lock a region I can then work within it and modify the various bits within the locked region (Sorry I’m not a audio technical person, so forgive non-tech descriptions) That means, I can select to edit something, go back to the beginning of the locked region and listen to the whole thing, then edit another bit of it and again go back to the locked region beginning and listen again and so on til I’m satisfied.

With the Loop, once I stop and then select a bit for editing, I can’t go back to the beginning of the region. By changing my selection, the loop is de-selected. So I have to go back and again re-select the region to listen to, then again it gets de-selected when I move to a smaller bit for deletion. So messy and much more time consuming. And confusing. Loop doesn’t work for me.