Where to report bugs / feature requests

Hello admins, I’ve seen 3 ways to report bugs or feature requests for Audacity:

Which one is the proper, or doesn’t really matter because devs are everywhere?

This is the best one for most general bugs - the sort of bugs that users spot (black-box testing)

This is one for developer types who look and work “under the hood” - for reporting code or library issues (white-box testing)

Bugzilla is open for public reading - but editor access is extremely limited (to Audacity developers and QA folk).


It would be nice if that were the case, but in reality there are very few developers and they spend most of their time developing.

This forum is the best place to report bugs / feature requests. QA people such as myself and waxcylinder spend a lot of time on this forum and will ensure that bugs are properly logged for the developers to see.

Thank you :+1: