Where to find the Plugin "Studio Fade Out"?

Can find “Fade In” and “Fade Out”, but cannot find “Studio Fade Out” since I changed to Windows 11 and installed Audacity 3.3. It is also not existent in the Plugin Manager.

Where can I find this Plugin to install?

It’s installed by default and will be somewhere in the “Effect” menu, or in a sub-menu of the Effect menu.

Normally it’s Effect > Fading > Studio Fade Out


Nope. Can’t find it anywhere. Maybe I got a wrong installer. Is this the correct place to get the installer from: Download | Audacity ®

Here’s a similar problem & solution …

[ I would rename, rather than delete, “pluginregistry.cfg” so you have the option to revert back].

Okay. I found it. Thank you for your help! It is called Studio-Ausblendung.

I do not know why it is called in German. First I installed Audacity from Microsoft-Store, and then I de-installed it and downloaded the english version. However, some effects are still called in German.

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