Where does the mp3 macro get it's settings from


I’d like to use the mp3 macro to export 20 WAV files to MP3 (for audiobook upload to Audible ACX)

So i have to use the specific mp3 ACX settings.

So what settings does the mp3 macro line use? (Settings from the last export?)



At some time in the future, we hope it will be possible to set the export settings directly in the Macro command, but that is not currently available.

There is currently a rather awkward way to set the MP3 settings in a Macro, which is to use the “Set Preference” command to set each of the MP3 settings prior to the Export as MP3 command. Much easier is to just check your MP3 settings manually, and if necessary, export a dummy file to change the settings.

What the Manual says about it on this page: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/manage_macros.html

in a warning note is:
Parameters for export formats cannot be set in “Manage Macros”. To configure export parameters for the Macro, click File > Export > Export Audio… to access the Export Audio Dialog, click Options, set the parameters, press OK then Cancel the export. An audio track must be on screen in order to open the Export Audio Dialog.


oh ok

Well, it doesnt matter anyway, because i can’t batch-open AUP files.

For the audiobook narrators, when we’re done mastering a book, our folder looks like this:

And we have to convert every AUP file to an MP3 file, for upload to Audible.com.

That means I have to open each file, and wait for it to process, and then close each file.

For long books (20 hours sometimes) this could take a Loooooooooooooooooooong time.

But if the macro would open AUP files, then i could do a batch-convert to mp3 and go eat lunch.


Best to do that as you go. It’s also highly recommended to make backup copies in WAV format as you work. It would be horrible if you had to re-record a chapter due to a computer glitch or human error and no backup.