Where do the Macro Manager batch processed files go?

I have a simple macro to batch process some audio. I have the ‘Export as WAV’ as the final step. The batch process seems to complete but I can’t find any files anywhere. I have set a save directory and it did not make any difference. The files are not being saved in the same location as the originals or any parent or subdirectory. The Export as Wav task has no options so I can’t set a directory there.

Where do the files go? Or what option should I be using to save these files?

It dependes on the seting you have for Macros in Directories preferences - see this page in the Manual:

where it says:

Also have a look at the pages on Macros

I see that it is s little hard to see on those pages where the output goes - it’s there but takes careful reading and punts you out to the Directories preferences page. I’ll try to find some time to update the manual for the upcoming 3.4.0 so that it is easier to find that information.


OK, so I have updated this page for the manual for the upcoming 3.4.0 release:

I added a separate new section on macro output

and there is a clear link to that in the contents list:

All the information was there before but it was harder to find I think - so thanks for the “nudge” for this improvement.



Since a little repetition sometimes never hurts, all three Macros pages in the 3.4.0 alpha Manual bow have the information on Macro output - and all three have entries gor it in thei contents list:

  1. Macros - Audacity Development Manual - top level page on Macros

  2. Macro Manager - Audacity Development Manual - the Macro Manager

  3. Apply Macro - Audacity Development Manual - the Macro Palette


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