When I try to record over a track, it always skips to the end of the track I'm trying to record over

Hello. I’m trying to record vocals over an instrumental but every single time I press “Record” it always begins my recording at the very end of the track I’m trying to record over. So I thought just using the Selection Tool to go back to the beginning of the track would fix it, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I click the beginning of the track and click Record, it IMMEDIATELY skips to the very end of the track and begins my recording audio there. This is not a problem I experienced in the older versions of Audacity I’ve used at all. This is honestly seriously making me regret updating. I have no idea why it’s doing this. I really have zero blue what’s causing this.
Any help?

Just Press Shift+Record or Shift+R to record on a new track.

If you want to revert to the old behavior of just pressing Record or R to record on a new track by going to Edit>Preferences>Recording and checking “on” the entry that says “Record on a new track”. This will mean that Shift Modified recording will then start at the end if the existing track.