What happened to "Export All" or ''Export Multiple''?

Update Audacity to the latest ver 3.4.2. Have 9 flac stereo files on it. Did some editing, keyed in Ctrl + Shift + L and nothing happened. I went to File → Export and saw that the feature is no longer there. What happened to it? How do I get it back? Only Ctrl+SHift+E seems to exist now.

In 3.4.2 (and onwards) the command is File > Export Audio.

Export Selected and Export Multiple have all been consolidated into the single dialog:

See the manual for details: Export Audio - Audacity Manual


Thank you waxcylinder I had not noticed that detail under “Export Range”.

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Hello Everyone.
I´m new to this forum and a basic user of Audacity.
I´m not sure I should respond to this post or make a new one. I had an issue with export multiple which simply disappeared from the file menu. I then installed the latest version Audacity 3.4.2 but the problem remains. I understand that the multiple export is now export audio but to me it seems really fastidious to edit for every track the meta tags over and over since its not saving the template properly. I also noticed that the copy and paste is not working properly any more. Why is it so complicated now when it was so easy last week? Thank you for any answer

In 3.4.2 (and onwards) all the audio exports are consolidated in a single export dialog:

If you have a selection active then the Current Selection will be active and available

If you have multiple tracks or a label track then Multiple Files will be active and available. If you select it the dialog will enlarge.

See this page in the manual:

and this one:


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