weird crackle/buzzy sound in audio...


I did an interview for my podcast and it worked fine. I did another one using the exact same configuration of equipment. Everything sounded fine in our headphones. When I played back the interview, there’s a weird noise in the audio. It’s hard to describe. I attached a sample. It started here and there around the two minute mark, then was pretty consistent by the 20 minute mark.

AT2020s → Behringer mixer → USB interface

2.3.0 + El Capitan

Try this:

– Bill

Anything I can do with the audio once it’s already recorded?

I ran it through Brian Davies’ “Click Repair” with good results. Use at your own risk (read carefully the Software section of the site). Your mileage may vary. This is not supported by or affiliated with Audacity.

You could do this manually in Audacity by selecting each click and applying the “Repair” effect.

– Bill

Thanks. It looks a little complicated to get going, but maybe I’ll re-visit it down the road.

I actually can’t install the required Java for Click Repair on my computer (work computer blocks that sort of thing) and my old personal laptop is dead.

Any chance I can send you the full audio and you could run in through Click Repair, and I could pay you back with simply my everlasting gratitude?

See this sticky thread: Click/pop removal - ClickRepair software


um yeah - not happening… plus i can’t even install the necessary java… but thanks…

why doesn’t the click removal in the effect menu do it?

The click removal effect uses a very simple (overly simple) algorithm for detecting clicks. It removes clicks pretty well when it finds them, but it misses a lot of clicks. I expect that the effect will be improved at some time in the future, but so far no volunteers to work on it.

OK - in case this is ever helpful to anyone else, I used tiny sections where there were clicks in between the talking as my noise profiles for noise reduction. I did like three rounds. It cleaned it up a bit - not great, but definitely better.