Website feedback 2 - help section - FAQ

It’s actually a bit complicated to get into the FAQ once in the help section. I spent a while just staring at the screen trying to work out where the actual FAQ was???

I suggest making this change To make it a bit easier to work out X

:confused: It looks perfectly clear to me, but if you want to pursue this request, then Audacity’s discord channel may be better as your request is more likely be seen by someone that has write access to the main website.

Although I’ve not seen any official announcement, I expect that MuseGroup will want to completely revamp the website at some point, now that Audacity is part of their group.

redirected the faq page to

I’m now getting a 404 error on the website when clicking menu > help > FAQ.

I agree that directly linking to the FAQ from the FAQ button though is a great idea and common sense.

Also menu > help > documentation
is also a 404 error atm.

Good work tho I support your proactive ness

Me too,