Waveform (dB) view

Hi everyone

Am I right that the new version 2.4.1 only allows the wav/spectro or mixed view of the track?

The one I use MOST for precision editing is the waveform (dB) view - please tell me there’s a way to access that in the new version, or I’m going to have to stick to 2.3.2


I don’t see a dB view. I didn’t realize it wasn’t there.

2.3.2 it is.

Actually, there’s two missing. Other editors have linear (waveform) presentation, but measured in dB.


Paul changed the way you access it for 2.4.0/2.4.1 (for consistency with Spectrogram views)

Right click in the Vertical Scale in Waveform view and you can select dB (or Linear)

It is documented on the “What’s New…” page in the 2.4.1 manual


I just upgraded to 3.0 and had the same “Tiny Waveform” issue. Thanks for the fix! (right click on vertical )