WAV Audio Electronic Glitches

I am getting these occasional quick, what sound and look like, electronic audio glitches on my WAV recordings (only on one channel). Not only from CD rips but from straight WAV recordings. Could someone with personal knowledge or insight please offer some advice.

I am trying to burn my collection of cd’s onto CDR copies. Half way thru I have discovered that MANY of these CDR’s have digital audio glitches (like a quick electronic buzz).

These visible electronic glitches can be seen on the WAV file after I initially rip the song. Appearing usually on only one channel (left or right side). So there seems to be a problem in the transition from the initial CD rip to WAV file.

Any ideas why this is happening and what remedy I can find.

I am using both CD COPY and Windows Media Player to pull audio from these very clean CD’s.

Let’s break the system in the middle and see which half is misbehaving. Pull down piano2.wav from here…


…and see if it plays OK.


I played the recording and it sounds fine. I don’t understand what this experiment has to do with the problem I am experiencing. Please respond. Anybody?

With this experiment Koz is trying to determine if it is the playback which is causing the glitches - or whether it is in the recording process.

He has supplied you with a set of known clean WAV files to test playback - if those all play ok then we can assume that the problem lies in the recording process - and we can move on from there. He just wishes to rule out the playback side before we concentrate on the recording side of the audio chain.

When you are testing recordings that you have made yourself there is no way of separating the two sides of the process, so this makes diagnosis more difficult.


If you can hear the glitches on the recorded wav they probably come from the ripping process.

Try using another ripping software. Some allow you to select the level of “paranoia” when ripping and/or abort ripping if errors are detected. Some also allow to specify the amount of retries when errors occur.