VST plugins

Whenever i try to insert a vst plugin into the audacity plugins folder (specifically fruity granulizer), it shows up on Add / Remove plugins. When i located the plugin there and enabled it once i exited out of Add / Remove plugins i checked effects to see that it’s not there. When i open up Add / Remove plugins it shows up as new and not enabled. How do i enable this plugin without it resetting to new?

Are you clicking the OK after you have clicked the Enable?

If you don’t do that then the enabling does not stick - this is a bit janky and often catches me out still …


I have been clicking OK after i’ve enabled it, but when i return to add / remove plugins it shows up as “New” regardless of me enabling it and pressing OK.


If you 100% sure you clicked OK after ENABLE, then be aware that
there are some plugins that Audacity detects as OK, but will not load or work.
These are normally (but not limited to), plugins that need tempo/timing feedback from the host
or be triggered via Midi.
Audacity does not support these, along with any VSTi plugin.

A quick read about “Fruity Granulizer”, makes me think it needs Midi to trigger.
From the plugins webpage:

Trigger Granulizer with a C5 note in the Piano roll, for the duration of the original sample and put the pattern in the Playlist.

Another thing to watch for, Audacity will only work with 32 bit VSTs.
A 64 bit version of Audacity has been released but I think it’s only in the testing phase.

A third thing to look out for, FL Studio has native plugins that only work in FL.
They are compiled as .dll files, but the structure inside differs from “standard” VST’s
and are thus incompatible with other hosts.

Thanks for telling me! Well too bad i can’t use it since it’s a vst file but thanks anyway!

Audacity 3.0.3 has just been released: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/

For Windows, It is available as both 32-bit and 64-bit. I believe 32-bit plugins will only work on 32-bit Audacity, etc.

qxwr wrote:

…too bad i can’t use it since it’s a vst file…

It may still work, if, and I repeat if, the problem is it’s 64 bit.
As @jademan wrote, a 64 bit version of Audacity is available for Windows.

This however is no guarantee that the plugin will work, even if it’s 64 bit
due to the other reasons I wrote about, i.e. different format and needing midi/tempo/timing.

Also, keep in mind that upgrading to the latest version, could modify or delete your current
Audacity settings and you may find bugs in the latest version, it’s early days yet.

There is a way of creating a file called “portable” or something, that will force Audacity
to save it’s settings in that file.
A forum search will no doubt bring up the relevant post/s.

You will have to decide if you want to try the latest version or not.