Voice isolation missing?

Hi, I’m trying to remove background music from a file to isolate a voice. However all the youtube tutorials I’ve looked up have this option under the Effect tab then the Special options but my version of Audacity doesn’t have this, in fact it has very few of the options these Youtube guys seem to have. Where do I find this please? I have the latest build v3.5.1 build date April 24th 2024.

I don’t have Effect > Special. Are you sure you’re in the Audacity program?

Many people would give a lot of chocolate to be able to do that. Audacity can’t split instruments or voices up from a mixed performance.

There may be another problem, too. Audacity can’t be used for surveillance, law-enforcement, or conflict resolution. Just in case your job wanders down that path.


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I’m not doing anything like that. There are several YT videos like this https://youtu.be/vejdeEXnhc8?feature=shared showing how to isolate vocals but plenty of people saying they don’t have the same tools in their version. This seems to be a severely stripped-down version. Is there a pro paid-for edition they’re trying to get us to upgrade to?

Not that I know of. Someone else may post.


Nobody said you can’t add effects, tools, and macros. My tool list isn’t going to look like yours.

But I do think that anyone who could do that job well would be hard to stay hidden.



For the latest Audacity version Muse removed that effect in favour of the 3rd party AI OpenVino plugins.

See this page in the manual:Index of Effects, Generators, Analyzers and Tools - Audacity Manual

Where it says:

So you can either try the OpenVino plugins (but only if you are on Windows) - or you can download the old effect as a Nyquist plugin.

I did some testing of the OpenVino plugins a while back and they seem to produce good results .


Thanks for answering, you made my day.


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