View horizontal help lines

I’d like to view horizontal lines (manipulated screenshot for example, added red lines on vertical scale position 0.3) for an easier manual normalization using the envelope tool.

To do this I’m fixing threads on the monitor but thats useful temporary only so I have to add and remove them a lot of times. So a virtual line would be very helpful!

Curiously I wrote a proposal for similar a while back:

but this has never been taken up.


A workaround for some situations:

You can make temporary horizontal lines overlaying the track if you enable “Advanced Vertical Zooming” (see:

When that is enabled, you can click and drag on the track’s vertical ruler. Press “Esc” before releasing the mouse button if you don’t want to zoom in.

I note from that Proposal

The Wiki Feature Requests page shows 18 votes for horizontal gridlines.

would you like me to add your vote Markus ?

I like the sound of James’s more general version. It reminds me of the “guide lines” in some graphics programs (such as Gimp:

Of course “guide lines” could be made available as a general feature for all “rulers”, including the horizontal (Timeline) ruler, the vertical track ruler, the “Plot Spectrum” horizontal and vertical rulers, and any others.

I have searched around for answers and updates regarding this feature request many times.

I have seen many topics with it discussed.
as well as the Wiki page.

I’m unsure however, about how I can go about placing a Vote for this feature (it’s bit unclear and confusing).

Otherwise, are there any plugins of the sort, tools addons or anything else, that one can use to replicate such a function in Audacity?
(I’m not that experienced with Audacity to know what is fully available outside of the base software)

I have read about, and tried the “Advanced Vertical Zooming” technique (which can help a little), however, this isn’t sufficient to really work with.

The only other option I know of is to use a screen drawing program completely separate of Audacity,
though I’d prefer not having to rely on this.
This method also has it’s obvious issues, such as when the track is adjusted in Audacity.

I hope there is some better solution available by now.

Kind regards!

You just say so on this forum.
I have added your vote.

Personally, I roughly adjust envelopes by eye, and then tweak them by ear to get the desired effect.

Just as a quick thought experiment: Imagine if Audacity did have grid lines, and you adjusted the envelope so that everything is perfectly aligned according to the grid lines, but then when you listen to it, some parts sound too loud and other parts sound too quiet. What do you do? Do you stubbornly refuse to tweak the envelope because they are “perfect”, or do you tweak the envelope so that it sounds correct?

Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback.

My want of the Horizontal Lines is to use it as a Guideline/Marker, for Manual Analysis and Guidance.
Not for Editing the audio.

Let’s say someone is recording speech, singing or a musical instrument:
They may want to have a Horizontal Guideline(s) in place while recording, to make sure the audio doesn’t go over a certain dB volume, or that it remains within a certain pitch range.

Either during live recording, or analyzing afterward,
I find it very useful to be able to visually observe and compare levels across the track timeline,
and I believe that a simple, horizontal guideline(s) which can be adjusted by the user, would easily solve this issue.



If it makes a difference, I also vote for the option to be able to turn on horizontal grid lines.



I use this:

Vote added.

I also vote for the option to be able to turn on horizontal grid lines.

I just added your vote.