Very "tinny" sound when playing back new Audacity recordings

I have a new Dell Laptop and am experiencing very “tinny” audio when playing back newly recorded Audacity files. Can anyone help me with this problem?
These 86 year old ears “ain’t what they used to be”, but they’re not THAT bad yet !!

Many thanks.

What are you recording and how are you recording it?
Which version of Window are you using?
Try playing a “known to be good” audio file in Audacity - does that sound OK?

Does any audio from your laptop computer sound not tinny, such as when you play an audio CD using Windows Media Player? Some laptop computers just have tiny tinny speakers. In that case, you can hear better audio by listening through headphones.

I’m having the same problem. OS is Windows 7. I’m recording from the web and from other .flv files being played through realPlayer. I’m recording at 44100 Hz rate via the Stereo Mix. The originals sound fine as I’m recording them. When I play back through Audacity or Windows Media Player the recordings sound terrible, like I’m listening through a long tube.

see this FAQ from the Manual:


@ waxcylinder
I am trying to resolve “tinny” sound too.
Link to is dead :cry:
ie, Forbidden – Invalid file extension found in the path info or query string.

Any other links ??

This one:

Sorry, it’s because we need to change the pathing for the manual a while back.


For me, turned out it was the noise suppression and echo cancellation. Every time I plugged my piano into my laptop, I would manually select both those options because they sounded like a good idea, as if they would make the recording better. I just figured it’d be worse without them. So this time, I plugged in my piano, made sure I had deselected noise suppression and echo cancellation and recorded from there. Got the cleanest recording ever (did equalization, normalization and noise reduction to make it even cleaner, but was happy enough with it before them), such a simple fix and I’ve been doing this wrong for a year :slight_smile:

So, in a nutshell, try making sure noise suppression and echo cancellation are off.

And thanks audacity for the link to the manual where I found the solution for my issue.