Very slow loading of V2.3.3

Win 7 pro running V2.3.3. Problem is very long boot time when starting program (says unresponsive). Looked at the log file (attached) and the PATH search line goes on for days? Is that correct or do I have something out of sorts? Thanks!
log.txt (2.79 KB)

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft (it reached EOL - End Of Life) a fortnight ago see:

So sorry, we can no longer support Audacity on Windows 7 - we know it will probably still work 2.3.3 now and later versions yet to come, but with no support for it running on W7.

You say 2.3.3 takes a long time to launch (it may on a low-spec PC) - but does it eventually work ?


Audacity may be slow to load if you have a lot of plug-ins installed on the computer, particularly if you have plug-ins that don’t work with Audacity.
Audacity may also be slow to load if the computer’s sound card drivers are out-of date or buggy drivers.