Version 3.2.1 completely ruined Audacity

Just now today I tried using version 3.2.1 for the first time. It’s been about 6 months since last time I used Audacity, and it worked just fine as usual (can’t remember which version though). But now, it went anything but fine. I have a Windows 10, which is available for a Windows 11 update.

First off, I couldn’t import mp3-files, and no, I don’t think I should have to convert them to wave since those files are much bigger, and since mp3 has worked just fine until now. In the first attachment file, you see what happened when I dragged the file into Audacity. In the small window, it says: "Audacity doesn’t recognize this type of file [file name and its folders]. Try installing FFmpeg. For uncompressed files, try also (in the top menu) Archive > Import > Raw Data.

I tried importing the same mp3 file as raw data and that didn’t work. The file came up as nothing but that kind of loud noise you might find on an empty TV or radio station. I also tried downloading FFmpeg, but I couldn’t install it.

Then I tried recording the whole file from the computer’s built-in recording device while playing the file, which I’ve done many times before. As displayed in the second and third attachment files, I went and tried changing the recording device from the microphone to “primary driver for audio caption”, only to find out that PRAC was already the setting despite the microphone working as usual. In other words, I couldn’t record computer audio from the computer itself. I tried all other settings available and nothing worked.

In other words, you have completely ruined Audacity. This was totally unnecessary and uncalled for. Now I can’t import mp3’s nor record from the computer. What’s next? Anyway, this is totally unacceptable. You should immediately bring back Audacity to its former state, as it was just 6 months ago. I dare say you have ruined my life. Unless you fix this, I’ll have to find another recording program, even if it costs money. I don’t have much money, but I’m willing to pay a company that does its job, unlike you people. You ain’t worth a cent right now.
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I appreciate your frustration. We may be able to help you resolve the issues, but if all else fails you could always uninstall Audacity and go back to an older version. Most old versions are available here: Old Audacity versions download

Most likely that’s a problem with the file rather than Audacity. There’s an online tool for analyzing media files here: MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser
What does that say about the file?

What is “PRAC”?

I did everything you said: Unsinstall Audacity, download and install an older version (2.4.1). Still, nothing worked.

I also went and analyzed the mp3 file at, and the attachment file here is what I got from it. Now obviously, I can’t figure out myself what it says about the file and why it doesn’t work in Audacity.

PRAC stands for “primary driver for audio caption”.
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AAC is not MP3.

If it has a .MP3 filename change it to .AAC.

If you don’t already have [u]FFmpeg[/u] you’ll need to install it and then you should be able to open an AC3 file.

I downloaded and installed FFpmeg. I copied my mp3 file and added .aac (in minor letters) to it. I tried dragging both files into Audacity, nothing worked. I moved the FFmpeg folder (first attachment) to Audacity’s plugin folder (second attachment), still nothing worked. I moved all the files inside the FFmpeg folder out to the plugin folder (third attachment), nothing worked.
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Can you supply us with a copy of that file - in say DropBox or similar file-sharing service?


That’s it, I’m done with Audacity. You done messed up, just like I said it at the start of the topic. You could’ve just kept it the same simply. I’ll find another program that works and I’m more than happy to pay for it. That’ll make my day. Audacity’s history from now on.

You’re complaining to the wrong people.
This is a community forum where Audacity users help other Audacity users.
The Audacity discord channel is run by the development team: Audacity

You can download older versions of Audacity [u]here[/u].

But at some point in the future Windows or your hardware will have to be updated and then outdated versions may not work…

I’ll find another program that works and I’m more than happy to pay for it.

A lifetime license for [u]GoldWave[/u] is $50 USD. I’ve had it since before I knew about Audacity and probably before Audacity existed. With all of the free upgrades over the years, the yearly cost has been almost nothing! Goldwave is a solid-mature program. It has a few features that Audacity doesn’t have but overall Audacity has more features.

Or you could get a [u]full DAW application[/u]. A DAW is a LOT more complex than an “simple” audio editor and they tend to be more expensive…

But REAPER is only $60. You don’t get lifetime upgrades with REAPER but you get lots of minor-upgrades you get one free major revision so it’s usually a couple of years before you have to pay for an upgrade. (There is a more expensive professional license for REAPER but it’s the same-exact software.)

Adobe Audition (evolved from Cool Edit) used to be similar to GoldWave or Audacity but it’s now more of a DAW and it’s only available as a monthly subscription