V3.4 Mac - input meters not working, meters are blank with no dB scale showing

Just upgraded to v3.4.2 everything works except the input monitoring - the meters are actually blank without the usual dB scale showing. I can record ok etc, just no monitors! I have matched sample rate and bit depth so is not that. Anyone else have this issue?

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I also am not seeing the full meters, just as you described. Bit of a problem as I’m in the middle of project!

Are you running Sonoma OS?

Yes. All the modern advances at my fingertips…still, no red line. Thx

All I can say is where are the Good Old Days of just plugin to mic input, it line-in ?Now I sit with a HP Windows 10 Desk Top after moving from 7-which worked perfectly with Audacity-Now we sit with I input -laptop or desktop- but the inbuilt mics stay working regardless of the Mic or Guitar sound you plug-in.What is the best setting for “audio settings” to overcome this “singing in the bath effect” regardless of what you do?Nevertheless it is comforting to know that I am not alone in this issue.

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I believe in Windows you have to give the App permission to control the internal mics - had similar issues with zoom etc. Do you also have the issue with no monitoring showing (record and playback)?

I’m having the same issue on my macbook! I’ve had the meters up until yesterday and then they vanished. I can’t figure out how to get them back, everything else seems to be working normal

Yes they were working fine on my iMac24 previously with OS13 Ventura then one day just stopped. I thought the update to OS14 Sonoma may fix the issue but no luck. Obviously it is just a GUI issue as everything else functions. What OS are you running?

I’m using Sonoma 14.2.1 as well

Same problem here, seems a problem with Sonoma 14.2.1

For what it’s worth I messaged one of the Audacity forum admins asking how to escalate the problem to the team, no response as yet

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I received this reply from forum admin, ‘This bug is known and logged. There’s no need for further escalation’. Which is good - so now we wait…

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main thread:

Just adding to the chorus. I’m having the same issue with Sonoma on my 2019 15" MBP.

I’ve seen 2 people report that this is fixed in the latest MacOS 14.3 beta.


Yep! It does work now. But I don’t see the option “Start Monitoring” anymore when clicking on the meter. Any idea?

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