Playback and Recording Level Toolbar are missing scaling and db levels


I have been using Audacity for a few months now, and love the simplicity around it.

I am not sure what has happened but I have reopened a saved file and now my Audacity has the playback and recording meters missing on the toolbar., it is no longer showing the -60 - 0 or the coloured volume scale.

Has anyone had this issue before and know of a fix?




Thank you for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, I have tried all these options. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity again. Also, I checked to make sure that the correct recording/ playback devices were checked. I have reset my Mac as well. No luck I am afraid.

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I am having this exact same issue! this makes the tool useless for recording as I need to see my levels. Have tried resetting toolbar. removing them and adding them. Reinstalling the whole app… nothing! Fix needed please!

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Hello! This bug appears to have been caused by upgrading the OS to macOS 14.2. If you can downgrade to an older version of macOS, try doing that. We’ll try to workaround this macOS bug for Audacity 3.5 in each case.


Reverting to macOS 14.1.2 does indeed re-enable the meters.

Literally just discovered this after my own post about this exact issue. Thank god it’s not just me! For a minute, I was thinking my graphics card shit the bed after owing my Studio for over a year. I don’t think downgrading is possible for me, since you can only upgrade software. I’m hoping the next major OS update will fix this, or a new Audacity will be out within the next bit.

How easy is it to do?

You need to have a 14.1.2 installer, and erase your hard drive, and reinstall everything.
You’re better off waiting for Audacity 3.5

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I see. I’ll just wait then. Thanks.

Hi. Is anyone else having this issue: Using Audacity 3.4.2 On Mac OS Sonoma (14) the record and playback meters don’t work. Thinks work fine with MacOS Ventura (13.6.3). The Audio is recorded fine just can’t see the levels as the meters don’t work. Reinstalled Ventura after the issued appeared with Sonoma to verify that It is a compatibility problem with Audacity and Sonoma. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Same problem here ! Problem occurs since Sonoma 14.2

Please fix it the next update- Thanks

I had audacity setup properly with the recording and playback level meters on the UI displaying. I opened it today and the widget is there, the slider bars are there but when recording no level db numbers appear and no indication that sound is passing. It still works, I am able to record audio but I can’t tell at what db I’m recording at or listening to. Can’t find anything to enable this function.

this is still a problem with the first beta of 14.3; and the two channels are labelled ‘L’ and ‘F’ instead of ‘L’ and ‘R’!

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Same issues here. I hope there will be an update soon available. Impact to revert my OS to an older version to high. Audacity is usesless for me now :frowning:

running Sonoma 14.2.1 and having the same problem - while waiting for an Audacity fix or upgrade, I am working around by using the Mixer (in the View menu) but this takes a lot of resources once you have a lot of tracks open


I’m experiencing the same problem now that I updated to Sonoma. Anyone know of any fixes/updates?

Unfortunately, it would appear that updates to fix these issues are on the low priority list. I have since switched to Audition, since what I do requires reliability. There are other, much cheaper options like Reaper that should do the job though, but Adobe just seemed easier to grasp, so I went that route.

Even if this is fixed, I’ll likely never switch back. Things are just better in Audition when working with multi-track and plugins. To each their own I guess.

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Thank you. I downloaded Adobe today, too. Not seeing dB’s isn’t an option!

I agree that being able to see recording and playback dB meters is an essential element of a DAW. It’s not the same just to look at the waveform. I would expect (and hope) that fixing these are high priorities for Audacity. Incidentally, Adobe Audition is not an option financially for me at the moment. I’ve found Audacity to be very useful overall, and it’s a critical tool for me in my voiceover business. To that point, I really hope Audacity fixes this soon.

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