Playback and Recording Level Toolbar are missing scaling and db levels

macOS 14.3b2 and b3 restore the playback and record meters.
M1 MacBook Air

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That’s fair enough. Audition isn’t for everyone. What about Reaper?

This is so ungodly annoying. It’s been so long since we’ve been waiting for them to fix this issue. My entire job revolves around knowing my db levels. Is there nothing else that can be done??

I’ve received another report confirming @slomtbr’s observation: The meters are back in the latest MacOS 14.3 beta.


Same issue here. I really need Audacity for my upcoming podcast. Do we really have to wait for MacOS 14.3? That can take some time…

Is also used the Mixer to get some idea of the volume but it is not perfect… :frowning:

I believe you can sign up for the beta via and/or enable the beta on your system via System Settings → General → Software Update, then click the info button next to ”Beta updates“.[1]

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do to speed up Apple’s OS releases.

  1. according to this help article anyway. ↩︎

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I understand. But I can not afford the risk working with not fully approved Apple beta’s on my machine. I will have to look at a work around or alternative…

I just decided to do the Beta to see what would happen, and it fixed the problem!!

Same issue here! Thanks for mentioning the Mixer option…I can at least use that in the meantime until this gets fixed for good.

Issue is solved after update MacOS 14.3 (yet available)

Yeap- it’s fixed with Sonoma 14.3

hurray, hurray, installed Sonoma version 14.3 and Reording Levels are back! :smile:

They still work in macOS Sonoma 14.4