using the start time feature

Hi. I just figured out how to use the start/stop recording, so if you read this post already, sorry! But I still have a question. When you start at a given time, the track really starts at 0 and there’s tons of dead space up until the start time. Is there any way to have it start the track at the start time? Also is there any documentation on 1.3? I’d like to know how to use things and what “Audio Postion” is…could that answer my first question? Thanks!

I’m a bit confused, didn’t you already figure out how to get it record at the time you set?

Also is there any documentation on 1.3? I’d like to know how to use things and what “Audio Postion” is…could that answer my first question? Thanks!

There is a new version of Audacity in the horizon and I believe the documentation currently being worked on is for that version. So I guess documentation explicitly for 1.3.3 will be hard to find. You can usually find tutorials on how to use the program, try googling for it.

Audio position is the time that the cursor is set to. When you use the Selection tool (looks like a capital ‘i’) you can left click on the audio to set the cursor to that position. Then you can start playing the file from that point.

Just be very careful for now - the Beta 1.3 is known to be buggy on the timer features (there are posts elsewhere on the forum about this - try searching for them).

I understand that the developers have fixed the bug(s) in the timer stuff for the next stable release.

So if it is a crucial recording it would be best not to rely on 1.3.x Audacity’s timer …


Thanks for the response alatham, appreciate it. Sorry to be confusing, it’s part of my nature! Anyways, I posted earlier about how to use the start timer then saw the “Timer Record” under Tracks so I edited my message. But I’m still wondering about the dead space…for example, I set the time for 10:00 and it records at 10:00 for 5 minutes. Great. But to the left of “10:00” all the way to “0” is still viewable with nothing there. I don’t know if that makes the stored project larger than it has to or not, but my question was is there a way to set it up so that if you start at 10:00, then the scroll bar at the bootm of the window would be all the way to the left and only from 10:00 and to the right is viewable. Hope that makes the question clear. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it and I’ll remain cautious.

When you set the recording to start at 10:00, it’s actually going to start recording at 10:00 am (or pm) on the date you select. I think this is already clear.

But, it starts recording at 0 seconds into the Audacity project. The timeline at the top of Audacity’s screen has nothing to do with the clock on you wall, except that they both measure time at the same rate. So 10:00 on the timeline in Audacity just indicates the 10 minute mark into all the recording you did.

So, when you start recording for 5 minutes, Audacity will begin at 0:00 end at 5:00, regardless of what time you have started recording.

I was trying to start/stop at given times, and I have version 1.2.6. Is this feature supported in my version and if so, would you please explain “…left clicking on the audio…”?

Thank you


No, it’s only available in the Beta 1.3.x - but I find 1.3 a fairly stable release though.