Using the same realtime effect on multiple tracks

I like the realtime effects on Audacity V3.3. But I didn’t find a smart method of setting the same effect to all tracks in my project.
Today I have to click the effect to every track and the effect itself is always set to the programmers default value. I have to click like a loony for setting the same realtime effect to 10 tracks.
So I would like to set my preferred realtime effect to all tracks (or to a selection of tracks) within one work step. And the effect should offer my last settings instead of the Audacity default (i.e. Audacity Hall with preference “template and default” user defined).
Is there anything planned like this or have I just overlook this functionality?

I logged this enhancement request on Muse’s GitHub a while back:

There is no facility to Copy or Export/Import an effects stack #4194


Effects stack is restricted to a single track #4195

If these get implemented it would probably aid what you are trying to do.

If you want to add a further enhancement request (if the above would not be sufficient) then you would need to log an enhancement on Muse’s GitHub:

or you could add your support for the existing issues there

For that you would need a GitHub account, but those are free.

See also this discussion thread that gathers together feature requests and bugs for Real Time effects:

The GUI/UX for Realtime Effects stack could benefit from some extensions and polishing #4198


Thanks for the GitHub discussion links. I think that Effects stack is restricted to a single track · Issue #4195 · audacity/audacity · GitHub is exactly that what I described in words of a user.
So I’ll wait and maybe this feature gets the according priority to be realized.

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