Using external drives for saving projects, why it doesn't work

Hi, We’ve used Audacity for years with our work in our community radio station and always still seem to have the same issues with saving projects. On most occasions, if we are working on audio files (in Win 10) importing mp3s, wavs, direct recordings (microphone) and other music file formats, we generally are working for extended periods of time on one aup project. The program seems to have issues with an error called not finding the database when coming back to the most recent saved version whether the aup is on the original computer as Audacity or it is called by the open cmd from an external drive. In the older versions we would have to save and a then b then c version of our projects as we populated and edited them. And we also needed to make sure that the data files were housed in the same folder and directory. Now, it seems that the aup must include the data files in it, so this must somehow be related to the error message we get.
I hope this helps others who might be experiencing this issue.


The new unified database format requires an NTFS drive. From what I understand that’s a requirement of the database that the developers chose so it’s not directly under their control.

You can temporarily copy to/from a FAT drive but you have to “work from” an NTFS drive.

@freegold - See this earlier Forum thread: Forced drive type

It even icludes a workaround if you are able to edit the source and build Audacity to enable you to use FAT and FAT32


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