Using DigitNow USB Audio Capture with Audacity

Hello Collective Wisdom,
I’m trying to figure out how to use “DigitNow USB Audio Capture” with Audacity to convert audio on cassette tape and LP records to digital format (mp3 or other).
The physical hookup, cassette player or record player to computer via the DigitNow device, is easy, but I have no idea how to make sure Audacity is “seeing” the device, and no idea how to actually import the audio into Audacity. (The DN box says “Plug & Play” but of course it’s not…)

If someone out there can walk me through the steps I’d be mighty grateful!

TIA, Ch.S.
Specifics: Mas OS 10.14.6, Audacity 2.1.0, DigitNow USB Audio Capture CardBR605-CA-A

This tutorial set in the Audacity Manual should help you:

Especially the two workflows:


Also, make sure you start Audacity AFTER connecting your unit; otherwise run Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

Also note that to record your vinyl LPs you will need a separate phono pre-amp if your current turntable does not provide one.
– Bill