Updating from Audacity 2.x to Audacity 3.x

I just migrated from V2.3.3 to V3.0.2. I imported a V2.3.3 project to V3.0.2 and afterwards it was still being editable when opened by V2.3.3.
So https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/updating_from_audacity_2.x_to_audacity_3.html wrongly says
“Once you have saved any project in the new AUP3 format, it can then no longer be opened in previous versions of Audacity.”
I think this is misleading and shall be reformulated as e.g.
“The new AUP3 format cannot be opened by Audacity versions prior to V3.x.x”.

OK so I changed the alpha Manual for the upcoming 3.0.0 to say

Once you have saved any project in the new AUP3 format, > it can then no longer be opened in Audacity versions prior to 3.0.0> .

See: https://alphamanual.audacityteam.org/man/Updating_from_Audacity_2.x_to_Audacity_3.x#aup3

I cannot update the released manual - once a version is released the Manual for it becomes immutable.


I also updated the Managing Audacity Projects page:

Thanks for the “nudge”


Thanks for the update. My only intention was to remove the impression that unchanged old projects cannot be opened by V2.x any more once they have been opened by V3.x.

Indeed. opening AUP and saving in AUP3 does not convert your project - rather, it creates a converted copy.

So if you don’t delete the AUP it will still be available to be reopened and worked on as AUP in 2.x.


A small typo in the linked alphamanual:

“this does not actually increase the increase disk space usage” → “this does not actually increase the disk space usage”


Thanks. Fixed.