Undoing an Edit

Three questions:

  1. If I make an edit, and then save and close the project, and then open the project again, can I undo that edit that I made in the previous session?

  2. If I stay in one session, make an edit, then save the project–can I still undo the edit after I save the project?

  3. Let’s say I stay in 1 session and I make 3 edits in this order: edit1, edit2, and edit3. Then I want to undo edit2 without undoing edit3–is this possible? Or would I have to undo edit3 and then undo edit2?

Thank you!

No you can’t - the Undo stack history is deleted when you close Audacity.

Yes you can - I just tested this to make sure

You have to Undo edit3 and then edit2 - you can’t cherry-pick, sorry.


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Hi Peter,
Thank you for your very clear answers, which were what I expected, except for the 2nd question.
It seems that the only way I can preserve the ability to “roll back” to a previous version is to save the project with “Save As” and store each version under a different name.
Thanks, Chaim

Yeah, you’re discovering here why we’ve been pushing non-destructive editing so hard since 3.1.

  • 3.1: Non-destructive edits
  • 3.2: Non-destructive effects
  • 3.4: Non-destructive clip stretching
  • 3.5: Non-destructive pitch shifting

And of course, things like the envelope tool and the pan sliders are non-destructive as well. So the more recent your Audacity version is, the more likely it is that you can undo an edit you made in a previous session.

Hi Chaim,

Yup, that’s a good working technique :+1:


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