Undo the very last change

Hi to all,

I am a DJ and using Audacity 2.2.2 / Win 10 to digitalize old records. These records have damages which I correct by “painting”, working step by step through the tracks. In some cases the correction does not work properly, so I have to try another way of correction or even leave it as is is. In this case I need an undo of the very last step, just like in any office application. Audacity however removes all the work I have done on that track before, so in the worst case I lose hours and hours of work.

What can I do to avoid this damage?

Have you tried using the “Repair” effect rather than “drawing”? https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/repair.html

I think I got it. I couldn’t figure out how you were faking out the Edit > UNDO system. You are making one, single, two-hour long correction instead of individual actions and corrections. The first time you Edit > UNDO, there’s two hours, shot.

When you open up the song the first time, Save a Project with a different name than the original song (to keep you from damaging it by accident). Set a timer on your phone that every so many minutes save the project.

Edit > UNDO should fold you back to the last save instead of all the way back to the original File > Open.

Projects do not save undo when you close Audacity. So make sure you finish one record before you shut down and go to bed.


Hi to all,

especially steve and kozikowski, who answered my qustion. First of all I got to apologize for my long pause to answer you, because I got a slipped disk in my neck shortly after my post and could not do anything on a desk since then. I am slowly revovering now. I hope you will finf this answer somehow.

Let me start with kozikowski: You got the problem right, but it is quite hard to get in and out of the repairing process, so I stopped working like that.

@steve: At first I was very doubtful because of the limit of 128 samples, but most of the errors are not that long. The results are correct with a hit rate of about 98%, and the corrections made are sometimes surprising. I have no idea how this works, but it does. Even the undo seems to be correct. Mistakes happen only in the worst situation: Music at a low level with low-level errors - not to be seen because of a low amplitude, but well to be heard.

By the way: The german term appears alphabetically wrong in the menu: In the german alphabet an ü is listed as ue, so the order you see is ‘r’ 3-1-2 instead of ‘r’ 1-2-3. Do you see waht I mean? This is a bit vexing. Could somebody fix that?

You should take a good look at ClickRepair: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/click-pop-removal-clickrepair-software/1933/1