unable to overdub

Ive been working on this for over a month..Ive never had a problem with Audacity in at least 5 years until now…this is a new thread as Ive been locked out of the one I started...Windows 10 64 bit..Allen and Heath 8 channel mixer ( ZEDi-8 ) let me know if you need more specs. \ \ At the moment here is where I stand...I cannot listen to music of any kind on my computer..I have downloaded the driver multiple times which may have been a mistake but I dont know what else to do at this point…when I try to record on Audacity the track starts at -1 sec but it does record…when I try to over dub the entire project shifts to -10 sec…no record…a curser that hoovers around 0 and vibrates…i dont know how else to describe it...I get an error message that says... \ \ " Latency correction setting has caused the recorded audio to be hidden before 0. Audacity has brought it to start at 0. You may have to use the time shift tool or F5 to drag the track to the right place " \ \ Im totally lost at this point…I would give up but I have around $2000 on a new computer and mixer…I was having better results with my crappy Walmart laptop and $99 Alesis mixer…I have too much invested in this to let it go but I can`t even watch youtube videos which I could before…everything I have tried on my own as well as off the forum has only made it worse.

You don’t appear to be locked out of any of these parallel threads:

Does your computer have a built-in sound card?
Does that work?

I dont know...I know very little about computers...this is a high end custom built machine I bought to record music on...Im assuming it has one but I dont know if it works or how to find out...I was listening to music on it last night today I cant play a youtube video on it let alone record or play my own music.

You may have high-end customized yourself right out of forum help. One of our servicing techniques is to reduce the machine to its simplest form and see if that works OK. Then add additional complexity until it either fails or does something unusual.

It appears your basic machine fails. If you can’t reliably play a YouTube video, that’s very serious.

We would tell an experienced user to make sure the virus protection is up to date and then run it in heavy search mode. That’s the process where you can’t use the machine for several hours while the software checks everything.

Do you have someone there that can help?


I disconnected the new mixer and plugged the Alesis 4 channel and everything seems to be working except for a slight hum when I record which is what it was doing before which is why I bought a new mixer…I will be buying a new 4 channel as from what I`ve read they are reliable…from what I was told by the GEEK SQUAD they installed some type of virus protection which I should be able to figure out how to use.

The only issue I have atm is that when I record with Audacity the entire track moves right to - 10 secs but starts recording at 0 which is where the 2nd track starts…the overdub issue has fixed itself other than this…there is no error message…if I can fix this issue I should be ok.

My windows toolbars both just disappeared…it has nothing to do with Audacity but if you can help with that I would be Grateful

if I can fix this issue I should be ok.

My windows toolbars both just disappeared

Our forum help is based on you having a basic stable system and know how to use it. We will never catch up with you. I think you need Computer User classes.

There is a base level concept I sometimes use when I’m struggling with a new process or technique. Can I teach someone else how to use it? If everything I’m doing is a fog, then no, and I need more work.


This computer worked fine including Audacity until I attached the zed mixer…since I disconnected it and connected the old mixer everything works perfectly except the track issue in Audacity…at one point I was recording some music and I mistakenly hit some kind of setting and the entire track moved 10 seconds to the right…I can`t figure out how to fix it…thanks.