Unable to export an audacity project as an MP3

I am a teacher using Audacity with students. I have eight student groups and six of the eight have successfully completed and exported their projects but in two cases when we try to export the projects each is left with just a snippet of the whole (probably just one file?). Is it possible to post an example of a successful and an unsuccessful project for an expert to analyse why one is capable of being exported whereas another isn’t? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Since you don’t actually have a sound problem, I’m not sure posting music would be helpful.

You don’t Export a Project. You Save a Project and Export an MP3. Is the object of the class a standard, stand-alone MP3 music file? Can you fill that in a little?

You can get an abbreviated or damaged Project if you used separate sound files in your show and did not copy the music into Audacity. That used to be the Audacity default and it caused all sorts of problems. You can still do that by accident. If you have a Reference Project instead of a Self-Contained Project and you move or damage the original external sound files, then the project will play with the external music missing. Does that sound like what you have?


Is the object of the class a standard, stand-alone MP3 music file?

I’m sorry but I’m too much of a novice to understand what is meant by ‘the object of the class’ phrase. The whole exercise is a 5 minute local news programme. We have been through the process of saving the project before exporting it as an MP3.

Is it possible for me to be able to show you the troublesome .aup and how it transfers as an mp3? I suspect I will not be able to analyse what is wrong whereas a more informed Audacity user will see what I’m doing wrong if the data is available for inspection.

Fingers crossed.

Perhaps they had a small selection and did File > Export Selection instead of File > Export?

The AUP file is only a text file referencing the audio data in the project’s _data folder. If you made a ZIP file containing the two AUP files and their respective _data folders and posted it on Dropbox or similar, we could tell more.

Unless you are using on old version of Audacity, it’s not likely to be an Audacity bug. Current version is 2.0.2. You can check your version at Help > About Audacity.


All Koz means is: what is the objective of your teaching the students, your class - what are the students expected to achieve as an end result to be successful?

No cuning “audio-engineering jargon” hidden in there :slight_smile:

I see. The students are expected to produce a 5 minute local radio news programme. The programme should include title music, presenter, two specialist reporters, an OB, an interview and vox pops. The students are being assessed on how well they create a plausible news programme. We want them to being able to post it in their blogs as an mp3 through soundcloud. Our problem is that when they export to mp3 only an obscure bit of the total is captured as an mp3 whereas the actual original played back through Audacity sounds fine.

This is a response to Gale. Thank you. I will take the action you advise this weekend. How will you be able to access the zip files?

Have you tried File > Export Selection on the two projects concerned? Have you made sure those students have Audacity 2.0.2?

If it is necessary to upload a zip to a file server, please give the web address of the files.

Here are some other services you can upload to:
http://minus.com/ .



Since the last post I have encountered a third problem, but to the two projects which I originally cited. These are called Arcas 3 and Maida Unveiled. I can listen easily enough to both of these projects within Audacity but I am unable to export them as MP3 to upload to Soundcloud so others -(the OCR Moderator most especially)- can hear them.

The other project -Social Media Dilemma- will not load into Audacity today even though it worked yesterday.


If you have a Dropbox I can share the folder with you via Dropbox.

Sorry for the late posting …Christmas…

Thank you for your attention.

I or someone will look at the projects later (thanks), but please be specific about what happens when you try to export those two projects to MP3. If there is an error, what does it say?

One thing you can try is File > Open Metadata Editor and press the “Clear” button.

You have not answered about your Audacity version (see Help > About Audacity). Please liaise with your IT Manager to ensure all the computers have the latest Audacity 2.0.2. Older 1.3 versions may have various export bugs.


Tracks > Unmute All Tracks before you export (muted tracks are not exported). Unfortunately there is no warning if some tracks are muted, which is a slight issue if you cannot see the Mute buttons on the tracks because there are many tracks.

Try renaming the _data folder back to its original name with two spaces between “dilema” and “divine”.

Make sure the correctly named _data folder is in the same folder as the AUP file it relates to.

Congratulations to the students, the projects sound well produced.