Trying to get my dog clicker to show to in the waveform

I’m running audacity 3.2.1 on windows 11 thru my laptop. I’m currently running a tonor mic thru my audio interface and while recording everything is working fine but I’m trying to use a dog clicker to help out in the audio editing phases. Unfortunately while using it I can not get it to actually pop up in the waveform for me to visible be able to see. I’m not sure if it’s my mic not picking it up and showing it or if it’s a setting I need to mess with. I can hear the clicks and can see in other people’s videos where it shows up on there waveform but as of right now I can not lol. Seeing if I’m just wasting my time even trying to use this method or just continue with punch and roll. Thanks.

Your dog-clicker experiment may have revealed that there’s audio-processing happening before your voice gets to Audacity. If that’s the case it could be the software which came with your audio interface, or “audio enhancements” which came with the computer, which is automagically removing big click sounds before they reach Audacity.