Dog clicker for editing

Hello! New to using audacity. Watched a tutorial on YouTube and this woman used a dog clicker whenever she made a mistake while narrating ( which would appear as a spike in the wave form to signal where the mistake occurred ). I have a blue yeti microphone which records very well but the dog clicking sound does not register at all on the wave form. I’ve tried a bell, whistling, and other sounds and none of them are picked up! Any idea how to fix this? Is it a setting on Audacity or the microphone perhaps? Appreciate any insight :slightly_smiling_face:

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Curious. A dog whistle is in the range of 40kHz which would not be picked up by your Yeti Microphone (20kHz) or by your sound card (a sample rate of 44.1kHz will lose frequencies above 1/2 the sample rate or 22kHz). So this would make sense. You would have to find out what frequency your clicker emits.

But that doesn’t explain why the bell doesn’t work. Perhaps it is not loud enough or close enough to the microphone. Did you try a percussive clap?

Personally, I just use the keyboard combination Ctrl+M to flag places I want to return to. Audacity also allows me to type text into the flags.

Oh wow! That’s extremely helpful! Thank you :pray:

Thank you so much. It didn’t occur to me that it was a setting on the computer. I assumed it was either the microphone or audacity. It’s a brand new computer. I’ll look into that.

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