Trying to create soundwave that looks like a 'heartbeat'

I’m simply looking to use this program to record my voice saying a few words (i.e. “I LOVE YOU HONEY”) and then have the program
create the sound waves that represent those ‘words’. Then I’m hoping to create some type of artwork for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve looked in the tutorial - would greatly appreciate any help on what that is called (is it sawtooth) where the image looks like a graphic of
a heart beat (peaks & valleys).

Thank you,


I just installed 2.0.2 for windows

And then bow up the timeline really big, screen capture the blue waves, import the picture into Photoshop and overlay the words on top of the blue waves. Print Legal or Ledger if your computer does it. Grand idea. Where are you stuck?

You don’t need a top quality microphone for this. You can do it with your laptop built-in microphone. All you’re after is the blue waves.


Oh my gosh… Haven’t read your reply but that image is exactly what I want to create.
Ok will read now

It’s a little fake. That’s not the waves for the word “Hello,” but nobody has to know that. Hollywood at its best.


ugh- I just can’t figure this out. I can’t seem to do it. I keep looking at the tutorial - maybe need a glass of wine and will try again.
I’m just not doing it right…Do I have to change any category/settings to get this effect?

(ps - thank you for your help!).
Need a super dummy version of the tutorial/manual for me :slight_smile:

I initially used the eye-dropper tool to sample the blue waves and make the word the same colour, but that didn’t read well, so Made it progressively darker until it worked.


Thanks I’m good with pulling in a sound wave file into photoshop and adding the word…
Not a problem. I’m struggling with how to work the program and get those cool peak/valley “heartbeat” effect.
I am speaking and getting something on the chart but its
Ver small/skinny and cannot figure out how to get that effect.
Ideally I want to create the effect with several words.
I wish there was a youtube video that could walk me thru
The steps…

To get the sound wave (peak/valley) do I have to
Change anything in a setting somewhere? Ugh

Ok - I’m so frustrated. I did find some youtube videos. I actually am not getting the ‘peaks/valleys’ -when I just hit record and talk - it’s just a
straight line. I’ve tried yelling/raising my voice etc. Is there some setting that I have wrong? I’m losing my mind!

This is what “I love” looks like in Audacity …
''I LOVE'' displayed on Audacity, zoom-in, then play 3 times.gif
you have to zoom-in on the time-scale see the individual peaks and valleys.

Ok - I FEEL like an idiot. Figured out the problem. My desktop computer doesn’t have a microphone - downloaded audacity on a laptop - works great! thank you sooo much for your help/patience. Have a great weekend!

OK, so you’re stuck making appropriate waves. Like I said in the disclaimer, the waves I used in the illustration are not the waves for the words “HELLO.” Nobody is going to forensically analyze the work and call you on it.

An actual heartbeat is a complex wave, it’s not ripples-in-a-pond gentle. Try making a “fake” heartbeat by pounding a towel laid out on the table or something like that. You might even use the “sounds playing on the computer” to make an actual recording of a YouTube heart. You may need effect > Amplify to make whatever you pick large enough to be graphic.

If you find something that looks perfect, nobody has to know you used the magnify and crop tools to get it.


I suspect " looks like a graphic of a heartbeat " just means " looks like a waveform (oscilloscope) display ",
i.e. including the sound of a heart isn’t part of the brief (but I may be wrong).

You can get a good faux-heart-beat on Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross - If you try the Voval Remover effect on it you may even be able to isolate the “heartbeat” AFAICT the guitar sounds fairly centred so may come out with VR - worth a try …