Trying to Achieve Specific Effect - Missing Something

Audacity V.2.0.3
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
Installed with installer

I’m developing a game and am trying to reproduce a particular voice effect. Here is the effect I’m trying to reproduce:

Attached is the original audio file I’m working with (Blunt Their Steel Raw.mp3)

I went through these steps as outlined in a youtube video on how to do this specific character’s voice.

Compress based on peaks
Duplicate track
2nd track pitch -3%
Merge Tracks
Duplicate track
2nd track reverb [ room size: 40, Predelay: 1, Reverberance: 40, Damping: 90, Tone Low: 65, Tone High: 78, Wet Gain 0, Dry Gain: -20, Stereo Width: 100]
Merge Tracks
Bass Boost

Attached as Blunt Their Steel.mp3 is the resulting audio file. It sounds okay, but it’s not nearly as cool. There’s so much more body to the voice from the game, a much fuller sound to it. What am I doing wrong or not doing?

“Equalization” to push up the bass, treble and pull down the middle frequencies.
A bit of short echo + some very bright reverb.
A bit of dynamic compression.
Pitch shifted down by 2 semitones.
This was bunged together in a couple of minutes just as a demo.

That helps a lot. It’s not quite there but it’s better than it was. Any other advice from other forum people would still be appreciated.

“Varus.attack4.ogg” has stereo-reverb.

The attempts to replicate it so far in this thread are both mono , not stereo.

I think that may be the one! Help me understand how I can do that please. Did you take Steve’s upload and just apply a stereo reverb effect?

Yes. You’ll have to duplicate Steve’s version to make a dual-mono version …
To duplicate select the track and press the keys “Ctrl”+“D”
Then join these two identical tracks using “make stereo track” …
Make ''dual mono'' version demo, (looks like stereo but track are identical).gif
Then apply a stereo-reverb effect.

If you don’t have a stereo-reverb apply reverb with slightly different settings to each channel individually (before you join them)

Ah ok, that helps a lot. Can you recommend a stereo reverb plugin for me?

Anwida DX lite [free] reverb plugin is stereo …

The Reverb included in Audacity 2.0.5 is stereo.

Using Steve’s pseudo-stereo plugin on the dual-mono is another option …