Trouble with 10.15 Catalina

I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to the Catalina 10.15 and can’t get my audacity to work. Went to the website to download 2.3, but apple won’t let me download it and told me to contact the developer. Your program rocks and I’ve used it for years, just wondering if your team believes they will roll out a solution for this issue.

Thank you.

The latest Audacity is 2.3.2 and works in 64-bit to be compatible with newer Macs. Fair warning that it doesn’t need Lame and your FFMpeg is going to be out of date.


apple won’t let me download it

Try it with the site I posted. Sometimes, the Mac will admit eventually that you can download stuff not in the iTunes Store.

(Download anyway [Y/N])


When testing beta software, bugs should be reported to the company that makes the beta software. In this case, that’s Apple.
Audacity runs correctly on Mojave (the current release version of macOS), though it had the problems that you describe while it was in beta. If I recall correctly, the same was the case for Sierra and High Sierra.

The current version of Audacity 2.3.2 will run on Catalina.

If you run into problems, oftentimes it helps to simply “Right Click” onto the application or the DMG file and click on “Open” to get around apples overly protective behavior.

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Audacity 2.3.2 still does not support recording. You will have to launch it through terminal and grant terminal the recording access…but this is just a work around. Once you terminate the terminal and reopen audacity, the issue persists.

See this Forum announcement Audacity under macOS 10.15 Catalina

And many thanks to noraa for posting that workaround


I’ve followed the instructions by copying and pasting what was posted into the terminal window but it doesn’t open. ???

I’m new here and just opened another topic on this same issue. I, too, tried the work around having upgraded to Catalina, but the command doesn’t seem to work for me either. Can anyone else provide some insight? Much appreciated. – Robert

What is the exact command that you are giving, and what exactly happens?