trouble setting presets

I am trying to create some custom presets but Audacity keeps shutting down on me. I have created a preset name, hit insert, go to Filter Curve EQ and then Audacity shuts down when I try to edit parameters. I have tried multiple times. I do have Audacity 3.2.1.
Anyone have thoughts or ideas?

You’re not the only one having problems with the macro manager in 3.2.1.,
see …

Do you care to post a screenshot ?

Same thing keeps happening to me when I go to edit the filter curve in Macro Manager. Come on, Audacity, fix please?

This appears to have been fixed for the upcoming 3.2.2 maintenance release - which should hopefully be out later this month.

I tested on W10 with the latest Beta test build I have for 3.2.2 and it works fine.