Trouble in installing Gverb into Audacity on MAC[SOLVED]

The website there are 3 steps to do it:

  1. Open a Web browser and visit the “GVerb Audacity” page. Click the “Freeverb (OS X VST)” link to download the installation files to your computer.
  2. Double-click the downloaded “.DMG” file.
  3. Click the “Plugins.PKG” file in the window that appears to launch the installer for the Audacity plug-ins. Click the name of your hard drive in the destination window and click “Continue.” Click “Install” to install the GVerb plug-in on your Audacity software.

So I download the Original Freeverb for Mac OS X (Audio Units) in the first Original Freeverb part on step 1 website.
BUT when I click the downloaded “freeverb-au-1.0.4.dmg” file there is NO “Plugins.PKG” file appeared. There are only documents in it:

What can I do next? Did I do anything wrong or I should download something else like the LADSPA first? My computer is a Mac Pro.

Thank you very much!!!

What did the readme.txt say?

Freeverb.component should be the program and you can drag that into the Mac System according to the instructions. It appears there is no installer, so you have to do it manually.


The text you are quoting is on a page not written by us “how to install GVerb in Audacity”. Is it GVerb or Freeverb you want?

See here to get GVerb .

The next 2.0.4 Audacity will have a new Reverb based on the original Freeverb. This is much nicer than GVerb. If you want to try that now, get the build at the top of this page .


Thank you!!! It worked using the link you gave to me. Thank you~~~