Cant find Hard Limiter Effect

Unfortunately GVerb, SC4 and Hard Limiter were omitted from the 2.0.3 release on Mac.

You could try the latest “nightly” alpha development version from the top of this list: .

The above alpha version has SC4, Hard Limiter and a new built in reverb effect to replace GVerb. Accordingly, GVerb may be removed from those builds at any time.

Alpha versions should not be used as your production version. So as an alternative, you can get Hard Limiter, SC4 and GVerb separately in the LADSPA plug-ins collection: .

Extract the plug-ins you require from the downloaded zip file above, then put them in the “Plugins” folder inside /Applications/Audacity and restart Audacity.

Hard Limiter is a distortion effect to some extent as well as a limiter, so if you want a “pure” limiter instead you can try . It is a Nyquist effect. To install it, you can put it in the “Plugins” folder inside /Applications/Audacity and restart Audacity.