Transferring music from cassettes to CD

Hi. I’m pretty new to this whole transfering music thing. My wife bought me a Newmark USB turntable and I’ve been using it to transfer my vinyl records to CDs with real success.

Now I’d like to transfer music from my cassettes. I plugged my cassette player in to the 1/8" stereo input jack on the turntable and set Audacity to record and it did fine. Except that when I play the music back, it’s too fast.

Does anyone know how much to slow the recording down (using the Audacity change speed effect)?

Thanks in advance for your help.


You really should not have to do anything to change speed - it should all work fine at proper speed. I used to have the similar ION device (Numark & ION are the same firm basically) and I had no problems plugging my cassettte deck in via the minijack socket on the ION. So this implies there is something wrong with either you ION, your PC or your Audacity setup.

Have you altered any of your Audacity preferences since the LP recordings?

How fast is too fast?


Your sound card may not properly support the selected sample rate.

Open Audacity, go to “Edit > Preferences > Quality” and set the default format to 44100 / 16 bit.
Close and restart Audacity so that the changes take effect, and try that.

If you still have the same problem, try 48000 / 16 bit (remember to restart Audacity after the change).

Yes, but don’t forget that RK is not using his onboard soundcard, but rather the ADC soundcard that is built in to the Numark TT. And that soundcard worked fine when he was recording LPs :confused:


Hey guys. Thanks for the input. I do appologize. The problem was in the cassette player. When I played the first tape (as a test) it played fine. After I posted, I was playing arround with the cassette player and found that it would speed up for no apparent reason. I’ve changed players and everything works.

Again, my appologies for waisting your time.

Thanks again,
R.K. :blush:

No problem Bobby - had I read your post properly I would probably have spotted that (I read the “1/8” stereo input jack" and assumed that you had switched to your computer sound card) :blush:

You may be able to “revive” the old cassette player by cleaning the capstan and pinch roller with a little alcohol on a cotton bud. The capstan and pinch roller regulate the speed at which the tape gets dragged across the playback head, but over time the rubber roller becomes dirty and shiny and fails to grip the tape, allowing it to slip through too fast.

If you do try cleaning them, test with a not-important tape afterward to ensure that it doesn’t decide to start eating tapes.


Thanks, I’ll try that … if I don’t just junk the d_mn thing. I was so imbarrased! Should have figured something like that. I’ve had it for years. Oh well, after I transfer all the tapes to CDs, out it goes. :laughing: