Tool selection

In previous versions of Audacity, and certainly in 2.4.2, tool selection was sticky from one session to another. An important consideration for my own program which can fire up a copy of Audacity, opening a file and navigating and zooming to a particular location in part my spoofig keystrokes.
In version 3.0.0 the initial tool is always the selection tool, regardless of previous usage, which means that I always have an extra operation to do whenever I open a new file. Not the end of the world, but inconvenient none the less.

On the other hand your program will now be more reliable in that Audacity 3.0.0 opens in a consistent state, so your program will not fail if you quit Audacity with the “wrong” tool selected the last time you used it.

Also, the previous behaviour was inconsistent in that “remembering” the last tool only applied to some tools and not others. The behaviour is now consistent.

Also it enables users stuck in the bear-trap of wrong tool able to exit Audacity and restart.


OK, I can modify my routines, but when using Audacity manually I now ‘know’ that I have the wrong tool selected and have to explicitly change it, which is very very annoying when trying to review large numbers of files. Pardon me but I find this improvement somewhat tedious.

Sorry, but we are not going to revert this - we had long QA/dev discussions about this and decided that the way we have it now is best for the vast majority of our users.

The best thing for you is to learn which shortcut key selects the tool you want and then press that after Audacity launches.


OK, OK. Interestingly though the config file still saves the ‘MultiToolActive’ flag when Audacity closes, promptly overwriting it again when it re-opens.

That makes sense - but maybe in ver 3.0.1 there could be the option to create a “Startup” Macro that executes automatically when you run Audacity. That way each user could set defaults within the Macro that they prefer to be active at startup.


It would also enable user to set the default tool they want to work with,