Timer recording

Ok I have read the manual instructions and I still don’t get it. What I want to do is start a recording my self not timer. What I want to do is set the length of the recording. So I want to hit start recording then start playing the audio stream I want recorded and say have the recording set for 45min.I really need step by step instructions on this. I do not find audacity very easy to use so I need guidance. I use to use the Easy Hi Q recorder that was very simple but after doing a system restore it will not work anymore.

Timer is the only way Audacity does jobs like this.


Set a timed event the duration (or longer to account for errors) and set it to start recording in a minute or so. Quickly after the recording starts, play the on-line work. You might want to do a fake one to make sure you get the screen focus in the right place at the right time.

You might be able to fake a timed recording with a different tool.

Set up Preferences > Recording > Sound Activated Recording to record when any sound is presented. Digital networks don’t have hiss or long distance line noise, so it should just sit there and stare at you until you start the show. As long as the show never goes to absolute dead silence, Audacity should record. When the show goes silent at the end, it should just stop. It’s not elegant, but it may work for you.

If the producers of the show decided to get fancy with Noise Reduction or Noise Gates, then yes, the show is going to have holes in it as Sound Activated couldn’t figure out what to do.


I use to use the Easy Hi Q recorder that was very simple but after doing a system restore it will not work anymore.

Did you contact them? If you have license keys or other certification, they should be able to get you going again.


My spidey sense tells me you’re trying to capture on-line work and have it come out presentation perfect right out of the box. If you know even basic editing, you should be able to record with “handles” (more at the top and bottom than you need) and then just cut it down later, after you get done recording.

The desperation method is not necessarily recommended, but does work, is to start recording when you go out to lunch and stop it several hours later when you get back. Cut off the excess. I do that with television shows where the stop and start times are known to be ratty.


You should just be able to leave the start time alone, it will increment to current time as you work in the dialog.

Set the Duration to 45 minutes (or whatever else you want/need.

Press the OK button and Timer Record will start immediately and stop after the 45 minutes (or whatever you set)

Job done.


Ok I followed those instructions. The recording started when I hit ok, went the appropriate time but recorded nothing. I want to record what I hear thru my system (computer) speakers.

Yes I did. I have the key’s but they have never replied to 3 separate emails. After the restore I can’t get the recording setting to be (what you hear) that is the only setting that will make it work with windows 10. But that option doesn’t show up anymore. That’s why I thought I’d give audacity a try.

Choose the correct recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. The simplest solution is to use Audacity’s Windows WASAPI (loopback) feature. See Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows.