Time stamping

Hi guys I want to use your software for science.
ok i go out into the field and use a dat recorder for audio, knowing the fact that 16gb will give me around 2 days or recording and the mb amount will give me time all i need to do is note down the exact time i start the recording.

i retrieve my file and put it onto your software, it however starts at 0 sec, oh how wonderfull it would be if i could change this to a start time in hours min and sec so that when i find something with the cursor i can identify the real time it was recorded. any chance of one of you guys putting in this feature?

ok open source community, i am disgusted at how the rich have hijacked the internet for commerce its so refreshing to find you guys keep up the good work the plannet needs people like you peter (email removed) thanks

I removed your email address. The forum is a SPAM magnet and posting a working email address is a poor idea. You can repost it if you want, but you might not want to.

The lack of time stamps is one of the main reasons Audacity can’t be used as a surveillance recorder. Also there’s no good way to third-party certify results. Free Surveillance Recorder is a popular request.

Also see forum complaints of all the ways that other software running on the computer can interfere with Audacity making simple sound recordings.


There is an Audacity plugin which adds time-labels …

[I’ve not tried it with the latest (v3) version of Audacity though].

If you name the track appropriately, there’s a plug-in that can tell you the time at a selected point in the track:
See this topic: Labels to show time that a recording was made